beginner fishing rig


Terminal tackle and accessories for making knotless knot hair rig:

1. Form a hair loop

Tie a simple overhand loop knot to make a loop. A very easy step as seen in the photos below.

For more information about How to tie knotless knot hair rig you can watch video below ?.

2. Knotless knot

Insert the line through the eye of the hook. Very important from the back to the front because otherwise it is the opposite effect and no angler wants that (the fish will not get caught).

Whipping the line around the hook at least five times (whipping as tight as possible). How many times it also depends on the thickness of the hooklink but no further than the hookpoint level.

Last step: thread the end of the hooklength through the back of the hook’s eye.

My advice: Practice makes perfect. ?

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

Author: Marina Kropec

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