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Like all types of dried beans, chickpeas need to be soaked in water for 12 to 24 hours. Longer soaking time also means shorter cooking time of chickpeas and vice versa.

For 400 grams / 14oz / 0.88 pound of dried chickpeas, I poured 1.5 liters / 0.39 gallon of water.

In a very short time the chickpeas absorbed a considerable amount of water.

After 24 hours of soaking

They look like mini boilies

Comparison between dried and soaked chickpeas.

Unprepared chickpeas are very harmful to the digestive system of fish and can be deadly to fish!

Dried chickpeas double their weight (drained chickpeas) a little less than 2 times (400g ?795g – 10g package: 785g / 27.69oz / 1.73 pound.


Put the drained chickpeas in a large pot and pour fresh water over them (the same amount of water as for soaking) .

Because carp and other similar species love the smell of garlic, herbs and the like can be added to chickpeas before cooking. Chickpeas are more or less white, so if you want you can also add food coloring (red, yellow, pink, etc.). I didn’t add anything this time because i decided to dip the chickpeas later when they are cooked.

When the water boils reduce the heat and simmer slowly.

Stir several times during cooking. When the chickpeas can be squeezed with fingers it is cooked. When they are cooked I turn off the stove and leave them to cool slowly overnight.

The day after cooking

Chickpeas the next day.

They look delicious and I think the carp will be of the same opinion ?.


I add some extras to the chickpeas to make it even more interesting for the carp.

My chickpea dip:

Mix all the ingredients well and add the drained chickpeas then mix everything together and let the chickpeas soak the dip for at least an hour before fishing (even better 24 hours).

If you do not have time to prepare chickpeas or you run out of dried you can still buy canned.

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

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