Well, we’re going fishing, fishing gear and food packed……….

This year’s winter temperatures are quite high but also very windy and rainy in my country. When I was planning to go fishing the weather got worse (as usual with a strong wind) and I had to postpone fishing several times. The forecast for Sunday was 16 degrees and sunny, the perfect day to go for my first winter fishing this year. Finally, I go fishing.

And Saturday came and with it the change of weather for Sunday (again a strong wind and showers). my boyfriend and I quickly decided to go fishing Saturday. Better a few hours fishing than nothing. We get our fishing gear quickly in the car and go fishing, finally.

When we got to the fishing spot I first prepared a groundbait for carp fishing. I have already prepared a groundbait dry mix at home (a combination of different ready-made mixes and other ingredients). I added some pellets and a little amount liquid krill additive to the mix. I slowly added lake water to the mix (mix thoroughly until a nice consistency and texture is achieved).

When you add water to the mix, you should always use the water from your fishery . Due to the different chemicals, I do not recommend that you use tap water or at least boil it before use.

While the groundbait was slowly getting wet, we prepared fishing rods and everything else needed to finally start fishing.

When we started fishing, the wind started to blow more and more. Hoping that the wind won’t affect the carp appetite too much and that at least one will be on the fishing mat.

I used pop ups of my own making (testing) and bought at the fishing store.

I used a naked helicopter system on both fishing rods. Instead of carp fishing lead I used a light method feeder lead (30gr or 1oz) filled with groundbait. I had already modified the feeder lead at home so that I could use it as a normal carp lead with a swivel.

Gusts of wind became more and more frequent and stronger. Hmmm , the wind forecast was for tomorrow. But maybe the weather scientists were wrong again.

Later I added some sweet corn to the groundbait and then fed each fishing spot with two groundbait ball and every half hour one smaller ball with fishing catapult (amazon link). Carp and similar related fish eat very little in the winter, so I adjusted the amount of food accordingly. Hoping that the food will tempted any carp or fish of any kind ?.

Hoping that the sun’s rays will awaken some carp to feed.

My boyfriend and my best fishing companion put some food around the lead, which later turned out to be a great decision. After 20 minutes the top of the fishing rod bent and a bite alarm sounded…..fish on ?. After a short fight, the mirror carp showed up ( heavy between 4 to 5kg or 8 to 11 pound), but luck didn’t last long as just before the landing net the hook got rid of it ?. Let’s try to catch another one…

When the sun hid behind the clouds it became cold.

Except for a few slight beeps, there were no more bites that day. It was getting dark and it was time to pack the fishing gear and go home.

Nevertheless, a wonderful day was spent by the lake and the view of the beautiful sunset at the end of the fishing day is invaluable to me.

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On the old gravel pit where I usually fish for carp I decided to try my luck at catching a tench. sSunny weather was forecast that day with possible afternoon thunderstorms Maybe I catch one ??

I chose my fishing spot in front of the water lilies, where I noticed fish activity.


I used mixed fish (corn, tigernuts, wheat, hemp), boilies, pellets and ground bait to attract tench.

I bait regular the fishing spot every 20-30minutes, but in smaller quantities. I did not want to use too much bait for day fishing because the fish would be overeating and probably would not be successful.

I used two smaller sized boilies (10mm) for the bait and the hook number 8.

Fish on…..

I noticed a tench jump from the water near my fishing spot. About 15 minutes later my bite alarm started to scream. I quickly went to the fishing rod and already felt that there was probably tench on the hook. Shortly after, the tench was already on the unhooking mat.

After a quick photo and use of antiseptic I release it back into the lake.

After a long time, i finally caught the tench. I was very happy.

Water from the lake to keep the fish wet.

Just a little bit…………..

………and tench was already swimming back in the lake.

Bye bye beauty :).

You can also watch a short movie bellow:

Successful day for me 🙂

But there may still be some bite……………..

……………….black clouds were coming from far away and the forecast was not promising. I barely managed to put fishing gear in the car when it started to rain very heavily.

Despite the storm, a very great day was spent by the lake with my darling.


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