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As autumn approaches, fish farmers can notice a significant change in the behavior of carp. Known for their size and voracious appetite, these bottom feeding fish seem to be even more active and eager to feed this time of year.

In the autumn season, the diet of carp changes significantly. As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, the carp begin to prepare for the coming winter months. This transition affects their eating habits and nutritional needs.

In the autumn, carp switch to feeding mainly on more protein-rich food sources. This change is driven by the need to build up fat stores for energy in the colder months. Lowering the water temperature also affects their digestion, making them more selective in their food choices.

Factors Affecting the Appetite of Carps in Autumn

The general health of the carp population also plays a role in their appetite. Carp that have health problems such as parasites or infections may have a reduced appetite. Regular monitoring and maintenance of optimal water quality can help prevent health problems and promote a healthy appetite. The carp’s stress level can affect their appetite. Environmental changes, such as fluctuating water conditions or the presence of predators, can cause stress and reduce their desire to feed.

It is also very important to consider the availability of food sources in the pond. In autumn, the abundance of natural food such as insects and vegetation begins to decrease. This deficiency can lead to a reduction in carp feed intake. To compensate for the reduced availability of natural food, fish farmers must ensure a constant supply of high-quality pellets and live food.

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