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Autumn is a great time of year for fishing as the fish eat more intensely than in other seasons. Fish of all kinds are preparing for cold winter so they need enough energy reserves to survive it. Because fish need as rich and nutritious food as possible, baits such as various types of worms (earthworms, maggots, …), snails and the like are an excellent choice in the autumn.

For this day float fishing I used earthworms as bait. I didn’t care how much I caught but as a challenge I was interested in what I would catch on earthworms on the water where I hadn’t fished for a very long time.

Simple fishing float set up

For today fishing I decided to use a light float – weighing 1gr. I used split shots weights for weighting.

My recommendations for light fishing floats: ?

I used earthworms as bait. In my opinion the best bait for winter fishing and also for free because you can catch them yourself. Even such a lazy fish can’t resist this natural bait.

I used a size 14 and 16 hook. I caught most of the fish on a 16 size hook.

I used a float version for the fishing rod (more suitable for heavier floats and wagglers). Because I was in a hurry to go fishing, I didn’t even think much about which rod I took with me. Next time, a better choice will be a match fishing rod, which is intended for fishing with lighter floats, and a better feeling with a rod when fishing for smaller fish (roach, bream, rudd, small carp, chub, bleak, tench…).

Fishing reel size 1000 and fishing line thickness of about 0.18mm is the right choice for this method of fishing.

A excellent choice for float fishing: ?

Fish love eat earthworms

Hungry beauties.

Fish on ?.

Occasionally I fed around the float with 2 – 3 smaller balls of groudbait.

Wild life around water

My boyfriend rescued a drowning dragonfly (common darter (Sympetrum striolatum) ) from the water with a float. Dragonfly dried in the sun for a while and then flew away. At least for a week or so they will live until the cold comes and their life cycle ends.

I was also visited by European tree frog (Hyla arborea). This one was really big so I quickly filmed it and put it back in the tall grass. Winter is slowly approaching and these green beauties will go into hibernation until spring.

I caught 5 species of fish on earthworms

Common bleak or simply bleak (Alburnus alburnus)

Common roach or simply roach (Rutilus rutilus)

Common rudd or simply rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus

This fish has several names: Riffle minnow, schneider, spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus).

Common chub, European chub, or simply chub (Squalius cephalus)

Live baits (natural) are and always will be the number one bait in the world of fishing, but unfortunately they are no longer allowed to be used for bait and lure in certain countries around the world. we anglers have no choice but to use artificial baits (plastic worms, plastic earthworms, plastic maggots, synthetic bread, etc.). A lot of these plastic baits fall off the hook and end up somewhere on the bottom or surface (if they are floating) of a lake, river or pond (plastic disintegration lasts at least 500 years). These baits can be accidentally eaten by a fish, bird or any other animal (which, of course, is not good for them).

I know that nowadays it is impossible to avoid the use of plastic, but why use it where it is totally unnecessary and less effective, because no plastic bait can replace natural – live bait (nutritional value, smell, …). Fish know what is good for them, try it ?.

Stay healthy.

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

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As usual, when I get to the fishing swim, I first mix the groundbait (meanwhile, the groundbait is slowly moisturizing) and then throw in a fishing spot small amount of bait (corn, boilie, pellet,…) with a spod, fishing catapult or throwing stick. In the meantime, when I am assembling a fishing rod, rigs, bait, rig system…, free bait attracts fish without unnecessary danger to them (monofilament, fishing lead, fishing hook, rig tube, hooklink, …).

The Fishing Religion restaurant is open ????.

Fishing rods waiting for action. I hope the swans have left me some fishing luck ??.

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Someone was looking for food on this rotting trunk, probably a woodpecker. For someone waste for someone important for survival. Nature took care of everything.

I know it doesn’t look like a super perfect tied carp rig from some famous fishing magazine or video from internet but the rig works and that’s enough for me.

FIrst mirror carp and…….

…… very soon another a little bigger mirror carp ??.

Some don’t have any feel with fish or they don’t care about our water friends. Please take your time and fight the fish slowly and not at all power to pull the fish out of the water. Because we go fishing to enjoy nature, catch fish, be they big or small, they all deserve the same fish care respect. We need to look to the future for fish to be healthy and in best shape. I’m just wondering who wants to catch a crippled carp, even if it’s 40 kg or 80 pound or more. I definitely don’t ???.

Proper carp care is important for carp as well as for the future of fishing.

Additional fishing pleasure ?????.

On the carpy menu today: a little amount of tigernuts, corn, can of sweet corn, groundbait mix, crushed boilies, sweet pellets and liquid csl .

Any kind of garbage does not belong to nature (these also include monofilament or braid pieces that fishermen cut), so everyone who brings with them should also take with them and throw away in the dedicated trash can!

I picked up that trash (and other trash I found) and took it home and dumped it in the trash can (just a reminder, I don’t need any medals and compliments, anyone who appreciates nature and hopes for a better future would do it).

The last hour to finish fishing today. Fingers crossed ?? .

The buckets and other fishing accessories are empty and partially cleared (finally is cleaned under running water at home, not to transfer any fish diseases to other lake, pond, river,…), which means that the fishing day is over for today..

The last rays of the day are still trying to illuminate the sky through some clouds. The singing of the birds slowly slows down and the lake slowly goes into its nightly rhythm. For a few moments I still admire this beauty of nature and then go home hoping to visit this beautiful lake soon.

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Disclosure – if you buy anything using links found in this blog post, I may make a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links – and please feel entirely free not to do so of course – but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you.

Well, we’re going fishing, fishing gear and food packed……….

This year’s winter temperatures are quite high but also very windy and rainy in my country. When I was planning to go fishing the weather got worse (as usual with a strong wind) and I had to postpone fishing several times. The forecast for Sunday was 16 degrees and sunny, the perfect day to go for my first winter fishing this year. Finally, I go fishing.

And Saturday came and with it the change of weather for Sunday (again a strong wind and showers). my boyfriend and I quickly decided to go fishing Saturday. Better a few hours fishing than nothing. We get our fishing gear quickly in the car and go fishing, finally.

When we got to the fishing spot I first prepared a groundbait for carp fishing. I have already prepared a groundbait dry mix at home (a combination of different ready-made mixes and other ingredients). I added some pellets and a little amount liquid krill additive to the mix. I slowly added lake water to the mix (mix thoroughly until a nice consistency and texture is achieved).

When you add water to the mix, you should always use the water from your fishery . Due to the different chemicals, I do not recommend that you use tap water or at least boil it before use.

While the groundbait was slowly getting wet, we prepared fishing rods and everything else needed to finally start fishing.

When we started fishing, the wind started to blow more and more. Hoping that the wind won’t affect the carp appetite too much and that at least one will be on the fishing mat.

I used pop ups of my own making (testing) and bought at the fishing store.

I used a naked helicopter system on both fishing rods. Instead of carp fishing lead I used a light method feeder lead (30gr or 1oz) filled with groundbait. I had already modified the feeder lead at home so that I could use it as a normal carp lead with a swivel.

Gusts of wind became more and more frequent and stronger. Hmmm , the wind forecast was for tomorrow. But maybe the weather scientists were wrong again.

Later I added some sweet corn to the groundbait and then fed each fishing spot with two groundbait ball and every half hour one smaller ball with fishing catapult (amazon link). Carp and similar related fish eat very little in the winter, so I adjusted the amount of food accordingly. Hoping that the food will tempted any carp or fish of any kind ?.

Hoping that the sun’s rays will awaken some carp to feed.

My boyfriend and my best fishing companion put some food around the lead, which later turned out to be a great decision. After 20 minutes the top of the fishing rod bent and a bite alarm sounded…..fish on ?. After a short fight, the mirror carp showed up ( heavy between 4 to 5kg or 8 to 11 pound), but luck didn’t last long as just before the landing net the hook got rid of it ?. Let’s try to catch another one…

When the sun hid behind the clouds it became cold.

Except for a few slight beeps, there were no more bites that day. It was getting dark and it was time to pack the fishing gear and go home.

Nevertheless, a wonderful day was spent by the lake and the view of the beautiful sunset at the end of the fishing day is invaluable to me.

Disclosure – if you buy anything using links found in this blog post, I may make a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links – and please feel entirely free not to do so of course – but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you.