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In one of the previous blog post I described how I mix groundbait for fishing. This time I tested the home made groundbait mix on the lake and was successful at fishing with it. Maybe someone will expect big carps, but I was more than happy with the fishing results. I caught 4 different types of fish, and these are bream, carp, prussian carp and goldfish (how many I did not count).

I first added some cat briquettes to the basic groundbait mix (a fistful or two of briquettes is a great addition, but you can also add more if your cat allows you a larger amount of its briquettes – a joke ?).

For today’s groundbait fishing I decided to add a can of sardines in sunflower oil and of course a standard bait and that’s half a can of sweet corn ? (I’ll leave half for later as a bait on a hair and to add to the ground bait if needed).

Fish both small and large adore sweet corn.

One can of sardines will give the fish a natural smell and attract fish from afar.

I first added some water from the lake to the dry mix. I add so much water that the groundmix is moistened. it is better to add water slowly, as it can happen that the groundmix will be too wet. Mix the groundmix well and then let stand for about 10-15 minutes to moisten all the ingredients well. In the meantime I prepare my fishing tackle.

After 15 minutes I added a home cooked partickle mix (corn, tiger nuts, lupin beans etc).

At the end i added some pellets to the groundmix and mixed well. Then leave the groundmix for 5-10 minutes and then fishing can begin ?.

On one fishing rod I decided to fish for a helicopter system. Instead of lead I will use a method feeder that I reworked a bit at home for this type of fishing. My home made system probably doesn’t look perfect and modern, but it turned out very great for me and the fish don’t mind that it doesn’t look perfect ?.

I’m not a fan of the leadcor system, so I decided to use monofilament shockleader and naked chod rig. Very very important that the ear of the swivel can go through the knot and the fish gets rid of the system (lead, shockleader, monofilament etc) in case the monofilament breaks or similar.

Traces of canned sardines can be seen in the groundmix, which means that the mix is well mixed.

I used homemade pop up boilies for the bait.

On the other fishing rod I had an inline feeder and for bait sweet corn straight from the can.

While waiting for the fish bite, I made some pva mesh packages in which I put some home made boilies.

Priceless feeling when I catch a carp on my homemade pop up boilies and my own groundbait mix ?.

My good luck charm is always somewhere near my fishing rods. ??

Some photos of successful fishing that day

Sometimes the better half needs to be listened to ?

My boyfriend started fishing that day without feeding the fish and only with boilies as bait on hair rig, but the bite alarm were quiet. I told him to try to give around lead groundbait but he insisted on his tactics. Ok, apparently he wanted to save battery on the bite alarms ??. By late afternoon he had decided to try groundbait. I made a big lump of groundbait around the lead and after just one minute when the bait landed at the bottom of the lake there was a loud sound on bite alarm. Fish on! As is typical of larger fish, the fish moved very slowly and without sudden escapes. Ooooo no the fish got rid of the hook and so the fight ended very quickly. After this fish my boyfriends bite alarms no longer sounded ?. But maybe next time he’ll follow my advice sooner, maybe ?.

Till next time …

Tight lines!

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