I have often read the topic on the internet if it is possible to catch a carp with a waggler on a hair rig for carp fishing. In fact, it is very similar to carp fishing, except that they are much easier to use instead of heavy lead and that a waggler serves as the bite indicator.

We can use the same carp rigs as for heavy lead bottom carp fishing. I use hooks from size 6 up for this fishing technique, depending on the average size of the carp in the lake.

For bait I use smaller diameters of boilies (8mm to 14 mm), pop up, corn (maize, sweetcorn), artificial – fake bait or hook pellets.

Ceady for the first cast.
Average catch on this lake.

Nom nom

Most often I use particles mix for baiting my fishing spot. I feed with a small amount of particles every 20 minutes with small baiting spoon. When I catch a fish I increase the 3x amount of particle for baiting fishing spot.

With the right tactics and some fishing luck :), bigger carp can be caught.

See you sometime in the future.

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