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On the old gravel pit where I usually fish for carp I decided to try my luck at catching a tench. sSunny weather was forecast that day with possible afternoon thunderstorms Maybe I catch one 🙏?

I chose my fishing spot in front of the water lilies, where I noticed fish activity.


I used mixed fish (corn, tigernuts, wheat, hemp), boilies, pellets and ground bait to attract tench.

I bait regular the fishing spot every 20-30minutes, but in smaller quantities. I did not want to use too much bait for day fishing because the fish would be overeating and probably would not be successful.

I used two smaller sized boilies (10mm) for the bait and the hook number 8.

Fish on…..

I noticed a tench jump from the water near my fishing spot. About 15 minutes later my bite alarm started to scream. I quickly went to the fishing rod and already felt that there was probably tench on the hook. Shortly after, the tench was already on the unhooking mat.

After a quick photo and use of antiseptic I release it back into the lake.

After a long time, i finally caught the tench. I was very happy.

Water from the lake to keep the fish wet.

Just a little bit…………..

………and tench was already swimming back in the lake.

Bye bye beauty :).

You can also watch a short movie bellow:

Successful day for me 🙂

But there may still be some bite……………..

……………….black clouds were coming from far away and the forecast was not promising. I barely managed to put fishing gear in the car when it started to rain very heavily.

Despite the storm, a very great day was spent by the lake with my darling.

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