The hair rig is a fishing method which allows a bait to be presented without sitting directly on the hook. It is mainly associated with boilies, but also works effectively with many other baits. The hair rig became popular in the 1980s and was a joint invention by Kevin Maddocks and Len Middleton. It has been experimented with by many anglers, and has revolutionised carp fishing.[1]

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I have often read the topic on the internet if it is possible to catch a carp with a waggler on a hair rig for carp fishing. In fact, it is very similar to carp fishing, except that they are much easier to use instead of heavy lead and that a waggler serves as the bite indicator.

We can use the same carp rigs as for heavy lead bottom carp fishing. I use hooks from size 6 up for this fishing technique, depending on the average size of the carp in the lake.

For bait I use smaller diameters of boilies (8mm to 14 mm), pop up, corn (maize, sweetcorn), artificial – fake bait or hook pellets.

Ceady for the first cast.
Average catch on this lake.

Nom nom

Most often I use particles mix for baiting my fishing spot. I feed with a small amount of particles every 20 minutes with small baiting spoon. When I catch a fish I increase the 3x amount of particle for baiting fishing spot.

With the right tactics and some fishing luck :), bigger carp can be caught.

See you sometime in the future.

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 tight lines and wet landing nets!

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