chub fly fishing


The river is waiting for me ?

Spring came, and so did all the fish from the deep pools of the river, where they survived the winter (at least most fish). The water level of the river was excellent and I could already start fly fishing.

Barbed hook (I later squeezed barb with pliers).

So let’s try to catch chub on a freshly tied squirmy wormy fly.

When I was here two days ago without fishing gear there were a lot of chub and other fish, now no fish activity (as usual). When I was back here a few days later there were a lot of chubs (as if they knew I didn’t have fishing gear with me) ?.

Small chub attacked the squirmy wormy 3 times before being caught on the hook.

In addition to fish in the river ((which are good signs that clean water is in the river), there are other aquatic creatures that are also food for the fish.

To some fishing spots I had to crawl and climb through nettles and thorns but it was worth it.

Amazing what a jump of a chub out of the water.

Natural wild fish

These chubs in the river are amazing acrobats.

Pink Squirmy Wormy

Using the barbless hook is very useful as it is quickly released from the mouth of the fish.

Catch and release

Goodbye, see you another time.

Despite the fact that the chubs and of course other fish species were not in the mood for flies it was a very nice day by the river. Nevertheless, I am more than happy with fly fishing as I have caught quite a few chubs (they are still happily swimming in the river).