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Countless times it has happened to me that I took with me on fishing much more fishing equipment than I needed. The biggest problem arises especially when it is necessary to carry the equipment quite far (from the car to the place where I will fish). Often these places are very inaccessible and transportation by wheelbarrow is impossible.

Carp fishing chairs are nowadays made of very high quality and sitting in them is a real pleasure (at least in most models on the market). These chairs are also quite large and heavy (this is especially noticeable when it is necessary to carry quite far and when I fish mobile), so I decided to buy a chair that will be lighter but still quite comfortable. After a short thought which chair to buy I decided to buy a chair from Fox (Fox guest chair). I only saw the chair over the internet (pictures and videos), so I didn’t know if it was as good as advertised. So I ordered the chair through a fishing online store and hoped I hadn’t bought a cat in a sack ???.

The package is delivered ✔ ?

The package came to me. The box looks great from the outside, but now it’s time to take a look at what’s hiding inside. ?

Open the box.

When I took the FOx guest chair out of the box I was really excited about it even though it was still packed in a bag.

Out of the bag

Good explanation with photos.

It looks promising.

Very well protected with foam.

Setting up and tidying up the chair is quick as it has no clips, pins and things like most carp chairs have.

When we set the chair it looks really great. Its size is much larger than I expected considering it is so light. I am very pleased.

fishing camera banner

The chair is really very low and I really like that.

Closer look

The arm rest is lined with EVA cover, which I like as it gives a feeling of warmth. Much better than plastic.

I noticed some scratches, which probably occurred during the manufacturing process ?????.

I hope the stitches will last in the long run.

I also noticed a few minor scratches on the back of the chair ?????????.

The legs are stable and strong.


First I have to say that I am generally very happy with the fox guest chair. I like the camouflage pattern the most, which is very nicely designed. I think the camouflage pattern also convinced me the most when buying this chair. If you are not a fan of camouflage patterns, there are similar chairs on the market that are intended for camping and of course also a bit cheaper.

If I disregard these scratches I have to say that the chair impressed me quite a bit. Since sitting in this chair is quite low I would not recommend it to a person with spinal problems and the elderly.

But nowhere did I find information (not even on the official Fox site) how much weight this chair carries. Despite the fact that the chair is quite stable I doubt it would carry a weight of more than 80 kilograms in the long run.

Due to the virus situation, unfortunately I can’t go fishing (lockdown) and I can’t test and photograph the chair the way I would like (in nature by the water). When possible, of course, I will take additional photos and write about this guest chair in future posts on this blog.

Stay healthy.

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

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