Always carrying a lot of heavy equipment with me, even on short fishing trips, I decided to buy a lighter and smaller rod below the one I have. I know the easiest choice is banstick, but it is very difficult to get stuck on hard ground (rocks, concrete,…).

I was looking for a black colored rod pod, low height of any mark that would fall into my eyes. After some searching time, I was shortlisted under Fox Stalker A + (Amazon affiliate link), which I eventually bought.

1. Video YouTube

Video Fox Stalker Plus Pod Unboxing on my YouTube channel, for more click below ??????????.

2. Finally i have it

The first impression was very good. Even when opening the box, I was very surprised by his appearance.

3. Rod pod size

Rod pod is very easy and quick to assemble when it becomes routine in about 2-4 minutes. Rod pod is the lowest at 23 cm in height and can be increased to 42.5 cm. Rod pod has the lowest at 23 cm in height and can be increased to 42.5 cm. The minimum length is only 69 cm long and can be extended to a maximum length of 106 cm.

4. A small toy for the big ones

The only doubt I had with this rod pod was that it could be carried away by smaller fish or a little stronger wind. But to me it never happened even though I was fishing very close range or with a much tighter reel.

For greater stability, you can purchase specially made anchors for this rod pod.

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