how to tie simple popper fly


In this post I will introduce you through video and photos how to tie a simple popper fly. I recommend this fly to all beginners who have started tying flies. Mainly because no special techniques are required for tying the fly, the material for tying this fly is relatively inexpensive and it binds fairly quickly. A great fly in my opinion especially in the summer months. With this fly you can catch trout, chub, bass, panfish as well as carp and other fish located just below the surface.

Step by step fly tying instructions


First cut a piece of foam.

With a bodkin needle makes a hole through the foam.

When the hole through the foam is made put it on the hook shank.

Apply on the hook shank a few drops of super glue to fix the foam and thread.

The next step is to start winding the thread on the hook shank.

Select some white (or any other color) short deer hair to make the body.

Repeat this step 2 to 3 times or until you fill the space.

Now that the body is done you finish the fly with a noose knot and for better durability of the fly you can add a drop of super glue to the knot or head cement.

For better fixation and also a nicer look of the fly you can add some wraps of thread before the foam. You finish the fly the same as before with a slip knot and a drop of super glue or head cement.

You can trim the excess deer hair on the fly if you want (this step is not necessary).

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

Author: Marina Kropec

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