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When the Penn Wrath reel came on the market I thought I would buy this reel one day. Most I immediately liked the blue inscription on the black reel. In terms of price, the Penn Wrath is the cheapest reel that Penn has to offer (at least as far as I know). It can be used for spinning in fresh as well as salt water. Basically the reel is made for spinning fishing but of course it can also be used for other fishing techniques (feeder, carp fishing, float fishing, …). Available in several sizes (2500 – 8000).

Penn Wrath unboxing (size 3000)

Descriptions in different languages.

Made in ….. .


Instructions and parts list

Most of all in the box I am most interested in what the spool looks like.

The spool is made up of many parts, which comes in handy if the spool needs to be opened and reassembled correctly.

Penn Wrath reel

Now to see what kind of machine is hiding in here ?.

It looks great at first glance.

The reel is already fully assembled at the factory except the reel hand needs to be fixed. If you are right-handed then you fix the reel handl to the left and the left-handers to the right. It just doesn’t get any easier ?.

The reel handle is made partly of plastic, which is understandable in this price range.

Rotates nice and smoothly.


In addition to the spool, washers are also added. Although they are not carbon washers but serve their purpose for some time. Even if you do not install them in the spool, the spool will work fine but I still recommend that they be installed.

Ichose the second option in the instructions and added the washer to the already installed washer.

Without washer.
With washer installed.

The reel


Spooling fishing line on Penn Wrath

Because I’m not a big fan of braided fishing line, I’ll spool monifilament line on the Penn wrath reel. Since I have already used products from Trabucco I decided to spool on a Penn wrath Trabucco t-force super iso monofilament line. I was also convinced to buy it by its nice blue color, which fits nicely with the reel. Although this mono is designed for sea fishing i think it will turn out just as great in freshwater (spinning, feeder, float fishing, …).

My combination.

I was wondering if the diameter of the monofilament is of such dimensions as they say on the packaging. It turned out that the diameter is exactly as it says on the packaging and I really like that ?.

I was positively surprised by the Trabucco monofilament that the knot (arbor knot) was already made to attach the monofilament line to the spool of a reel.

Spooling the monofilament can begin.

That the mono does not unfold from the reel spool I fix it to the line clip.

The washers did their job perfectly, as in my opinion the monofilament on the reel head is spool perfectly ?.

Some concluding thoughts

Considering that I haven’t used this reel on fishing yet, I’m still very excited to actually get a very good budget friendly fishing reel. The spooling of the mono line is also more than excellent. Unfortunately I did not test how the braid line is spool on the reel, because as I mentioned above I do not use a braided line (99% I use monofilament as the main line, the only exceptions are hooklink braid, on spod reel and fishing on wels catfish).

I also like the weight of the roll, as the size 3000 weighs no more than 346 grams or 12.2 oz which is a great weight for a Penn reels. If you are a fan of light reels then you should look unfortunately for a reel of this size at some other fishing brand.

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

Author: Marina Kropec

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