My first fishing reel of Penn was Spinfisher V 4500. I used it for different types of fishing (carp fishing, spinning, float fishing, winter fishing, …). This reel was great for all techniques, never disappointed me (strong, reliable, smooth running).

Unfortunately, an unlucky event happened one night when I went to the night carp fishing with my Penn Spinnfisher V 4500…………………………… 🙁 .

………………………… my older carp bite alarm broke down that night and no longer emitted sound when fish took my bait. So unfortunately i lost my carp fishing rod and my Penn Spinnfisher V 4500 that night when I slept in the tent. With the other fishing rod I just found out of water a lost monofilament (left over from the escaped fish) with fishing hook from my Penn, . Both are probably now in the depths of this lake or maybe some lucky angler caught my lost fishing gear on the hook. Who would know?

After that unlucky event it was necessary to buy another reel. I bought a cheaper reel as my previous Penn from another brand because of mine small budged. However, I was not satisfied whit it, so I finally saved up for a new one Penn Spinnfisher.

A new generation of Penn Spinfisher came on the market this year, and so I decided to buy Penn Spinnfisher VI 4500.

Video New – Penn Spinnfisher VI, Unboxing on my YouTube channel, to watch the video click below ??????:

Let’s see what’s hiding in this box

After three days after ordering the package came and I and I was very excited to open it. I was very interested in how it looks live. I think i will be very excited about the look of the reel.

  • Like most products is also Penn made in China.

  • Let’s see what’s in the box.
  • A very beautifully made new version of Penn Spinfisher VI

Let’s look at the instructions

  • You can choose from different sizes to suit your fishing style.

fishing camera banner
  • Instructions how to added one or two washers for teh line lay.

  • All components of which the rell is composed.

  • Factory fishing reel mechanism greased inside.

  • Strong axis.

First impression:

  • the spool is a 83 grams / 2.9 oz lighter than the previous model (Spinnfisher V 4500)
  • beautiful design
  • IPX5 Sealed body
  • reel sits nicely in hand
  • came with detailed instructions

Short description about Penn Spinfisher VI 4500. Soon to go fishing to see how it works in practice.

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