ridge monkey bucket


In keeping with the RidgeMonkey trend for efficiency and convenience, the Compact Bucket System is no ordinary storage space. It comes equipped with a removable shallow internal tray, further split into three individual sections and featuring its own lid which allows the tray to be used as a completely standalone storage and organisation solution.


  • Robust 100% polypropylene construction
  • Complete with removable three section inner tray
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Protected registered design


  • 200(h) x 235(w) x 215(d)mm, approx total capacity 7.5 litres

* Information from above from the website https://ridgemonkey.co.uk/product/compact-bucket-system-7-5l .

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You may be wondering why I would buy a bucket, since the bucket we have left when we buy various merchandise (wall paints, rice, sugar, etc.) also serves its purpose. Of course it serves its purpose – at home, but when I go fishing I want to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. This is impossible to achieve with white, yellow, red or similar bright colors of the bucket. The tastes for the colors are of course different.

Ridge Monkey Compact Bucket System is very practical in my opinion, as you can carry a small amount of different baits with you on a short fishing trip and of course the possibility of using this bucket also depends on your way of fishing.

I recommend the bucket especially to those who use pva products when fishing, mainly because of the three sections in which you can put different bait for pva.

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

Author: Marina Kropec

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