Are you looking for a cheap fishing rod for spinning or are you just a beginner in this fishing technique? I think this is a great rod not only for beginners but also for those who have been fishing for a long time. Despite the fact that a cosmetic defect is found on this fishing rod, I am not sorry about the purchase, as I have already found such cosmetic defects in more expensive fishing rods.


  • price
  • light in weight
  • sensitive tip
  • guides without inner lining
  • nice design


  • only available in some fishing shops (Europe); at least I did not find it in other countries outside the Europe

Till next time …

…… tight lines and wet nets!

Author: Marina Kropec

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Very simple and with a little imagination we can add some more sparkle and action to the spinner lures.

We do not need professional tying equipment and material, beginner equipment is just fine. Fly tying on treble hook does not have to be as precise as tying trout flies, salmon, etc.

For fly dressed treble hook in this blog we need: fly tying vise, scissors, bobbin, thread, flashes, glue and of course spinner lure. Cheap and great material is tinsel and angel hair for Christmas tree decoration.

Fly dressed treble

  • Prepare your hook in vise.

  • Attach a thread a few times around.

  • Add material to hook.

  • With scissors we cut the length that suits us best.

  • Turn the hook around and repeat the process.

  • different sparkle materials can be used

  • we repeat the process again

  • I finish the thread with a hand whip finish or with whip finish fly tying tool

  • add some glue to finish

And you are ready for fishing.

Till next time …

 tight lines and wet landing nets!

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