Where to go for a one-day afternoon trip?

We decided to go to Logar Valley. We went to see the Savinja river, which has long been on my wishlist. This time without fishing gear. We took our camera as part of the mandatory equipment.

We visited the part of Savinja that is managed by Fishing Family Ljubno.

I am attaching a link to their website: http://www.rd-ljubno.si/en

We visited their fishing district Savinja 3 + Catch and Release. I am attaching a link to this district (unfortunately only in Slovenian language) : http://www.rd-ljubno.si/revirji/savinja_3

  • The path leads to the river Savinja.

  • Even without fishing gear, it was a pleasure to watch trophy trout.
  • Beautiful nature.
  • They enjoy duck life.
  • Large number of trout.

  • Clean river and big trout. The true beauty of nature.
  • A huge shadow of a large trout.
  • I found these fly between the stone. How a fly angler lost it is probably the fault of one of the giants in this river.
fishing fly
  • Waiting for lunch…
big trout
  • Amazing how many trophy trout are in one place.

They have a very nice fly fishing pond, designed especially for beginner fishermen to train their fly casting.

In the pond, we can mainly catch brown trout and rainbow trout. We can also catch danube salmon, chub, carp, common nase, grayling and pike during fly fishing.

Larger fish are also stocking in the pond, therefore, trophy specimens are also found in the pond.

Next to the pond is a fishing lodge with great food.

  • A pier where we can observe nature and aquatic life.
  • The nature around the pond is wonderful….
  • They are hiding under the pier.
  • The pike is waiting for its prey.

Final words

Clean river, big trout, wild nature, mountains, friendly locals and much more that Logar Valley has to offer. I made many pleasant impressions during the short time that I have been here.

The only thing I really want to do is fly on this beautiful river. This wish will be fulfilled once in the future (maybe next year) when I will be financially able enough to visit this river with a fly rod in my hand. Until then, with the camera in my hand, I will be photographing and filming this beautiful river with big fish in it.

Till next time …

 tight lines and wet landing nets!

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