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 tight lines and wet landing nets!

Author: Marina Kropec

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It’s been for quite a few years (more than 12 years ) since I bought my first rig storage box. I think this box was the first on the market from the Korda company (please comment below if I’m wrong about this information). At that time, it was quite difficult to buy quality fishing equipment in Slovenia’s fishing shops, so every such new product in my fishing bag was very special. Even now it’s the same as not to be mistaken, but back then it was harder to get and also made it even more special.

I almost always make carp fishing rigs at home, because when I go fishing I prefer to focus on fishing tactics, watching the water, taking pictures, recording video, reading, … , so i decided to buy another box for rig storage. Because I am more than happy with the quality and and functionality of the older box I decided to buy the latest Korda rig safe large.

Old version – Korda rig storage

  • After so many years of use and it still looks good.

  • Small abrasion on plastic, but only visual damage.

  • Ruler on the box. Marked length 30cm or 12 inch.
  • Only the plastic on the cap has broken, which of course is understandable after countless times opening and closing.
  • Visible use with innumerable holes in the foam.
  • There was no separate space for hooks.

Latest version – Korda Rig Safe Large

  • Nicely packaged in hard plastic packaging. Let’s open the box.
  • Many carp rigs can be made before filling this box. The winter months will pass quickly.
  • Very practical for different types of rigs.
  • My cat came to see what i bought this time.
  • Even more detailed ruler than the older one (marked half centimeters or inch). Marked length 30cm or 12 inch.

Bluefin Cruise Carbon SUP Package / Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board / 6″ Thick / Carbon Rail & Paddle / Kayak Conversion Kit (10’8 / 12′ / 15′) – $899.00

  • Double pins for rigs that haven’t not yet finished with a loop or swivel and decide on the length when you arrive at the fishing spot.

fishing camera banner

My opinion on the new Korda rig safe large: PROS and CONS.


The first impression of a newer box (Korda rig safe large) gave me the feeling that I would carry this box with me for fishing at least as long as the old one I have.

My opinion: if you want a quality, durable and lightweight box for storing your rigs, this rig safe box is one of the best choices to buy on the market. The decision is, of course, up to you.

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