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 tight lines and wet landing nets!

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Which carp rig to choose?

A huge variety of carp fishing rigs are used today. They differ in complexity, the time of year, bait presentation, usability on different types of bottoms, and so on.

I have tied a lot of different carp rigs already and I use some of them on almost every fishing trip or have them with me in my korda rig safe. This time I will show you through photos how I tie a carp screw rig. I have been using this rig successfully for a long time so I decided to present in steps how to tie it.

I use this rig mainly for pop ups, but it works great for all other baits as well. The only thing I need to note, If you use baits that are quickly softened in the water, the bait may eventually fall off. It can be used on all different types of bottom and when is not too much weed or debris in the water.

Video How to tie carp fishing knotless knot screw rig (step by step guide) on my YouTube channel, to watch the video click below ??????:

What you need to tie a knotless knot screw rig?

Video How to make pop up boilie on my YouTube channel, for more click below

Here’s how you tie it up, in pictures below:

  • Place a bait screw onto the hook shank.
  • Add hook bead (slowly and carefully, the sharpness of the hook can lead to unpleasant injuries quickly)

Cut off the length of the hooklink. Cut off a slightly longer hooklink because the final length of the carp rig is reduced by knots (swivel, hook knot, knotless knot, hair rig, loop knot, … and the like).

  1. First insert the selected hooklink through the hook eye.
  2. Hooklink is now through the hook eye.
  3. Wrap the hooklink material around the hook body.
  4. Wrap hooklink around hook shank (5x – 10x times, depending on hook size, pattern and shape, hooklink thickness, carp rig type and individual decision, but not beyond where the hook point begins).
  5. When your are satisfied with the number of wrappers, then pass the hooklink back through the eye of the hook (recommend for beginners). For better hook strength I recommend wrap the hooklink in the opposite direction (2x – 4x times) and then put hooklink through the ear of the hook.
  6. Always end knotless knot (whith or without hair) by pushing the hooklink end through the hook’s ear toward the hook point. Very important: If you do not do this in this direction, the hook does not turn properly in the carp mouth.

Clinch knot that is very easy and fast to tie, strong, reliable and uncomplicated. I recommend all beginners to first learn how to tie this knot. Below I described how to tie this knot. I am sure that after 2x – 3x attempts you will have already mastered how to make it. As they say practice makes perfect ?.

  1. Thread hooklink end through the eye of swivel.
  2. Make 4x or more turns around the hooklinks.
  3. Thread the hooklink through the very first loop above the eye of the swivel.
  4. Always moisten knots, then slowly tighten the knot. Trim the tag end and blob it with a lighter.
  1. Attach bait (pop up boilie, tiger nuts, hard corn, bottom boilie, wafter, dumbells, imitation baits …) on bait screw.
  2. Add a small piece (amount depends on presentation method, boilie size and buoyancy, etc) of tungsten putty, for balance hook bait and efficient rig mechanics .
  3. FInally rig is ready for fishing.
  4. In the end I just check in the aquarium, bucket or similar how your screw rig looks like in the bottom. When you know how to tie a rig properly, it is not necessary to check every rig in the aquarium, but I recommend when we tie a rig that we have never had before. Better to check the rigs at home than to get to the fishing spot and find out that we need to tear down for example all 40 rigs and tie everything up again (fortunately this has not happened to me).

If you are looking for a fishing rig box and you don’t know yet which one to choose, I recommend you visit the blog about Korda rig safe box.

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Well, we’re going fishing, fishing gear and food packed……….

This year’s winter temperatures are quite high but also very windy and rainy in my country. When I was planning to go fishing the weather got worse (as usual with a strong wind) and I had to postpone fishing several times. The forecast for Sunday was 16 degrees and sunny, the perfect day to go for my first winter fishing this year. Finally, I go fishing.

And Saturday came and with it the change of weather for Sunday (again a strong wind and showers). my boyfriend and I quickly decided to go fishing Saturday. Better a few hours fishing than nothing. We get our fishing gear quickly in the car and go fishing, finally.

When we got to the fishing spot I first prepared a groundbait for carp fishing. I have already prepared a groundbait dry mix at home (a combination of different ready-made mixes and other ingredients). I added some pellets and a little amount liquid krill additive to the mix. I slowly added lake water to the mix (mix thoroughly until a nice consistency and texture is achieved).

When you add water to the mix, you should always use the water from your fishery . Due to the different chemicals, I do not recommend that you use tap water or at least boil it before use.

While the groundbait was slowly getting wet, we prepared fishing rods and everything else needed to finally start fishing.

When we started fishing, the wind started to blow more and more. Hoping that the wind won’t affect the carp appetite too much and that at least one will be on the fishing mat.

I used pop ups of my own making (testing) and bought at the fishing store.

I used a naked helicopter system on both fishing rods. Instead of carp fishing lead I used a light method feeder lead (30gr or 1oz) filled with groundbait. I had already modified the feeder lead at home so that I could use it as a normal carp lead with a swivel.

Gusts of wind became more and more frequent and stronger. Hmmm , the wind forecast was for tomorrow. But maybe the weather scientists were wrong again.

Later I added some sweet corn to the groundbait and then fed each fishing spot with two groundbait ball and every half hour one smaller ball with fishing catapult (amazon link). Carp and similar related fish eat very little in the winter, so I adjusted the amount of food accordingly. Hoping that the food will tempted any carp or fish of any kind ?.

Hoping that the sun’s rays will awaken some carp to feed.

My boyfriend and my best fishing companion put some food around the lead, which later turned out to be a great decision. After 20 minutes the top of the fishing rod bent and a bite alarm sounded…..fish on ?. After a short fight, the mirror carp showed up ( heavy between 4 to 5kg or 8 to 11 pound), but luck didn’t last long as just before the landing net the hook got rid of it ?. Let’s try to catch another one…

When the sun hid behind the clouds it became cold.

Except for a few slight beeps, there were no more bites that day. It was getting dark and it was time to pack the fishing gear and go home.

Nevertheless, a wonderful day was spent by the lake and the view of the beautiful sunset at the end of the fishing day is invaluable to me.

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Nowadays when fishing shop are more or less very stocked with a variety of carp fishing bait (pop up boilie, wafters, ready made boilies, hook pellet, frozen boilies, dumbell,…) today many people do not even think about doing the bait themselves.

Are we always satisfied with the carp fishing bait purchased at the fishing shop? My opinion and answer is no.

In my test I used a basic pop up mix to make pop – up boilies. But I added quite a few other ingredients to this basic mix. I can’t write recipe for this pop – up boilie mix, because unfortunately i just tried something without measuring the exact weight in grams. I know my mistake, which I will correct and write in the near future.

But I can write the names of the dry ingredients I added to the basic mix and you can try it for yourself:

I’ve added quite a few ingredients, but you don’t have to use everything in your mix. I like to try different ingredients so my mixes are sometimes very extreme.

Video How to make pop up boilie on my YouTube channel, to watch the video click below ??????:

Equipment for making pop up boilies:

  • fork, mixing bowl, towel or kitchen cloth, saucepan, kitchen mesh strainers or similar to capture boilies from boiling water, boilie rolling table or your hands ?
  • The first step is to crack one egg (or more, depending on the amount of pop up mix) of any size.

  • Mix the egg well. Air bubbles improve the buoyancy of a pop up boilies.

  • Mix all the liquid ingredients together.
  • Slowly add the dry mix, but not all at once.
  • I added too little mix so it looks liquid, so i add some dry mix.

  • Better to slowly add the mix until the paste is compact and no longer sticks to your hands.
  • The pop up boilie paste is made and I left the paste for about 24 hours. Otherwise, about 30 minutes is sufficient for the ingredients to bind and absorb the liquid.
  • Boilie I made by hand, without the use of bait rolling table and extrusion guns (even with such a small amount, this is not necessary).
  • The water is already boiling and the boilies are ready for cooking.
  • Pop up boilies should be placed in boiling water and in such a quantity that the water does not cool when placed in boiling water (that the water is still hot and quickly starts to boil again).
boiling pop up
  • Boil for 1 – 3 min, depending on the size of the boilies (the larger the diameter of the boilies, the longer they boil). In my case they boiling for 1 – 2 min.

  • Place cooked on towel to cool and dry. Do not load boilies on top of each other, it is very important to cool them as soon as possible.
  • The pop up boilies will now dry about 3 – 4 days. Because there are no preservatives in boilies they will be stored in the freezer.
  • If you want harder pop – up boilies they need to be dried longer (at least 3 – 8 days). The drying time of the boilies also depends on the mix itself, the cooking time, the air temperature, egg size, moisture, … .

There is something special about catching carp on a boilie of your own making. It is true that it takes quite a bit of research and search for ingredients in different stores (fishing and grocery stores), but when you hear that beep and see the curved tip of the fishing rod, at that moment all the effort is paid off.

In one of my future blogs I will write about how successful my pop up boilies turned out.

Disclosure – if you buy anything using links found in this blog post, I may make a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links – and please feel entirely free not to do so of course – but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you.

It’s been for quite a few years (more than 12 years ) since I bought my first rig storage box. I think this box was the first on the market from the Korda company (please comment below if I’m wrong about this information). At that time, it was quite difficult to buy quality fishing equipment in Slovenia’s fishing shops, so every such new product in my fishing bag was very special. Even now it’s the same as not to be mistaken, but back then it was harder to get and also made it even more special.

I almost always make carp fishing rigs at home, because when I go fishing I prefer to focus on fishing tactics, watching the water, taking pictures, recording video, reading, … , so i decided to buy another box for rig storage. Because I am more than happy with the quality and and functionality of the older box I decided to buy the latest Korda rig safe large.

Old version – Korda rig storage

  • After so many years of use and it still looks good.

  • Small abrasion on plastic, but only visual damage.

  • Ruler on the box. Marked length 30cm or 12 inch.
  • Only the plastic on the cap has broken, which of course is understandable after countless times opening and closing.
  • Visible use with innumerable holes in the foam.
  • There was no separate space for hooks.

Latest version – Korda Rig Safe Large

  • Nicely packaged in hard plastic packaging. Let’s open the box.
  • Many carp rigs can be made before filling this box. The winter months will pass quickly.
  • Very practical for different types of rigs.
  • My cat came to see what i bought this time.
  • Even more detailed ruler than the older one (marked half centimeters or inch). Marked length 30cm or 12 inch.

Bluefin Cruise Carbon SUP Package / Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board / 6″ Thick / Carbon Rail & Paddle / Kayak Conversion Kit (10’8 / 12′ / 15′) – $899.00

  • Double pins for rigs that haven’t not yet finished with a loop or swivel and decide on the length when you arrive at the fishing spot.

fishing camera banner

My opinion on the new Korda rig safe large: PROS and CONS.


The first impression of a newer box (Korda rig safe large) gave me the feeling that I would carry this box with me for fishing at least as long as the old one I have.

My opinion: if you want a quality, durable and lightweight box for storing your rigs, this rig safe box is one of the best choices to buy on the market. The decision is, of course, up to you.

You can also visit my shop on Redbubble.

For the record I have no deal with anyone or any company. I buy what I want with my own money.

Disclosure – if you buy anything using links found in this blog post, I may make a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy via these affiliate links – and please feel entirely free not to do so of course – but it will help me to continue producing content. Thank you.