Carp Fishing

Carp fly fishing (testing my flies)

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In the summer time we often see carp moving under the surface of the water. Sometimes carp move very slowly or just stand still so it is very important not to scare them. Anything that splashes loudly into the water would easily scare them away.

Fly fishing for carp in the summer when carp not eating much can be successful in the hot part of the day. I advise using Polaroid glasses because the carp can be seen more easily at the water surface.

Hmmm which fly to use?

Anyone who does not have a fly fishing rod can use a surface float for cast fly.

I tied all the flies by myself, so I was especially happy for every carp I caught.

I use 5/6 weight fly fishing rod.

Average weight of carp in this lake is 7 pound.

It was a great pleasure to catch a carp on a fly rod.

The thin monofilament was invisible to the careful carp.

A gentle cast and a carp picked up the fly. Catching this carp was also the last catch of this wonderful fly fishing day.

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