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Chub Vantage 2 rod system sleeve (unboxing)

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If you want to have fishing rods without damage and scratch, it is necessary to buy sleeves for fishing rods. It has already happened to many anglers that when he cast, the blank of the fishing rod broke off somewhere (most often from the middle towards the tip of the fishing rod). Although the cast was of adequate power for the fishing rod, it is often the result of the fishing rod being damaged during transport or even at home. On a blank fishing rod, these injuries are often not visible and therefore many anglers wonder why the rod breaks. Therefore, it is especially important that we have fishing rods protected.

In the sleeve for fishing rods can also be carried a landing net, bank stiks, fishing umbrella and more, depending of course on the model and manufacturer of the fishing rod sleeve.

Which fishing rod sleeve to choose in a fishing shop is sometimes quite a problem, as there are many brands and models to choose from. I myself decided to buy somewhere in the middle range of sleevs.

The most important thing for me in choosing was that the fishing rod sleeve has:

  • dark green color
  • external pockets
  • strong zipper
  • space for two fishing rods with a big pit reels
  • big enough for 50mm rod guides
  • price

My choice: Chub Vantage 2 rod system sleeve

Brand new fishing rod sleeve straight from the store :).


Descriptions in different languages.

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Separate space for fishing rods and reels.

Two inside fairly large velcro pockets in which we can store fishing tackle material, some bait boilies, pop up boilies and so on.

Handy large outer pocket in which we can store various fishing equipment (landing net,, weighing sling, bank sticks, feeding shovel and so on).

Strong zipper and bag carrying holder.

The technology I use for photography, video recording, and photography software:

External small and handy pocket, which is basically designed for the storage of fishing lead. Flexible for a few hours of fishing, stalking or for those anglers who carry a minimum of fishing gear.

Shoulder bag carrying straps.

On the back of the sleeve there is a large space where you can store landing net handle, a fishing umbrella, weight sling, …

The bottom of the sleeve is strong and reinforced.

In practice

I stored a lot more equipment in the sleeve than I expected. I have in my fishing rod sleeve: two fishing rods with big pit reels, bank sticks, bite alarms, swingers, landing net, landing net holder, feeding shovel and weight sling. I am really more than happy with the bag and it was the right decision to buy.

Has only one small drawback and that is that there are no internal straps to provide complete stability for the fishing rods (possibly due to the universal size of the sleeve).

Till next time …

Tight lines and wet nets!

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