PROLOGIC CRUZADE 42’ landing net CAMO, 180cm – 2 section

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The necessary equipment for carp fishing is definitely a landing net. Without landing net, I basically don’t go carp fishing at all. On the last fishing trip, the plastic on the landing net broke exactly where the net holder is, so it is necessary to buy a new one. I always have two landing nets with me for carp fishing, mainly because of such cases or in case of double run.

Decision which one to buy

Searching ? the internet stores is exhausting in the sense that I usually like the look of the high-end landing nets. But if I think carefully why would I buy expensive just because of the look if I can buy a cheaper one for the same purpose ?and I have money left over for other fishing things. The only thing that matters to me is that the net is fish friendly and has small holes in the net (mainly for fin protection).

Hmmmmmm, which to choose to be cheap and have a quality net. After searching I decided to buy Prologic Cruzade Camo Landing net 42’. I didn’t see this anding net in live and I only judged from the pictures that it could suit my wishes. The package finally arrived in the mail and let’s see what the landing net looks like.


The landing net is packed in a bag, which later serves to store wet and takes care of less fishy odors in the car.

Some basic information (source from the Prologic official website):

• 2pc Handle Construction
• Light Weight Composite Materials
• 42’ Fish Friendly Camo Mesh
• ABS Spreader Block
• Japanese Shrink Grips Sections

Like almost all products on the market, this landing net is also made in China.

The look and quality of the net surprised me very positively.

The two-piece handle is suitable for fishing from the shore and as a one-piece for boat fishing or stalking.

Complete set

The net holder is added separately and we just wind it on the handle. This system is great as the handle can be used as an extension for a shovel. Great idea ???.

A very nice camouflage pattern and small holes in the net surprised me a lot in a positive way of course.

For anglers who want a cheap and quality landing net, I recommend buying Prologic Cruzade Landing net 42 ’. It has everything that more expensive landing net variants have: quality mesh, small holes, camouflage pattern, long handle, detachable holder, reliability, light and more.

Till next time …

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