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SHIMANO Ultegra XTE 14000 Big Pit Fishing Reel Unboxing

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In this unboxing video, I’m taking a look at the Shimano Ultegra 14000 fishing reel. This reel is one of the greatest reel offerings from Shimano, and is perfect for both recreational and serious fishermen.

This reel is perfect for serious fishermen who are looking for a high- performance reel.

The Ultegra XTE and XSE are based on SHIMANO’s best-selling models and are set to redefine the mid-priced long-range casting reel market. Containing many of SHIMANO’s leading ‘long cast’ technologies, in sleek monochromatic bodies, these reels exceed expectations and are set to become best sellers throughout Europe.

Not only will these reels enable you to cast further, they will also play fish better, last longer and look great on whatever rod you pair them with.

If you are a carp angler and prefer dark ‘stealth-like’ colours go for the XTE, if you are a surfcaster, or prefer lighter colours, the ‘silver’ XSE should be your choice. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you have made a great decision.

  • Spool Material – Aluminium cold forged
  • Oscillation Speed – Super slow 5 Oscillation
  • Type – Aero wrap II Material
  • Body – CI4+
  • Maximum Drag Force – 20KG Line
  • Capacity main spool Nylon(mm-m)(Mono) 0.35-550 / 0.40-400 / 0.45-300
  • Weight – 600g Gear ratio – 4.3:1

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