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Beginner simple Carp knotless knot rig

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Which rig to use to make fishing successful? My personal opinion is the rig I confidencet the most. I know this is quite challenging for beginners, as we need experience to get that feeling and knowledge.

Today there are quite a lot of different rigs that can be learned through the Internet, fishing magazines, fishing friends, fishing shops, … We can also buy ready tied rigs if we do not want to make our own.

With photos I will show below the step by step tying simple carp rig. This is my way of tying rig that I use successfully.

Step 1: Rig Components

We just need to get started tying our own carp rigs: hook (barbed or barbless), swivel, anti tangle sleeve, hook link (braid, fluorocarbon or mono), hair boilie stopper, bait (boilie, corn, tiger nuts, …) and boilie baiting needle.

Step 2: Put Boilie on a Hair

Make a loop of suitable length (longer loop for larger boilies) for the boilies.

Insert boilies with a needle.

At the end, add a boilie stopper so that the boilies do not fall off the hair.

The knot on the loop also serves as a stopper to prevent the boilies from approaching the hook.

Step 3: The Knotless Knot rig

4x to 8x around the hook (depending on the hook size).

Step 4: The last step

Before I make the last knot I add anti tangle sleeve.

The knot on the swivel I use is Grinner knot (2x around the ear). A very strong knot that has never disappointed me. But of course you can use any knot you want.

5x to 8x around the braid link.

Always moisten the link before completing the knot.

Final we add to the swivel anti tangle sleeve ………

……….and you’re ready to go fishing.

Till next time …

 tight lines and wet landing nets!

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