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Carp care Cradle – Fox Carpmaster Cradle XL

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Hmmmmmm… Which fishing cradle to buy was a big question for me. I was looking for one that would be low and long for bigger fish like grass carp and carp.

I’ve only used a unhooking mat in recent years, but since the rules at the lakes are changing (which I really like) it was time to buy a cradle.

And finally…. I found a Fox Carpmaster Cradle XL on the internet that came on the market this year. There are two sizes available: standard and XL.

After some thought, I decided to buy one. My choice was the Fox Carpmaster Cradle XL version.

Big care for Bigger fish

On the first fishing trip with this cradle I took a picture of it.

So far, I am very excited about it and it has proven to be more than excellent and worth buying despite its high price (around 170€).

Video Fox Carpmaster Cradle XL (New 2019) on my YouTube channel, for more click below ??????????.

Supplied in large, heavy-duty 500Denier carry bag .

*fox bucket added for presentation purposes only
Camo retention flap with Velcro securing tabs .

210Denier soft-touch PVC fabric.
Water drainage holes at each end.

Leg-lock mechanism.

Four adjustable legs to level use on uneven ground.
Low to ground frame allows you to lift the carp easy.

Happy days 🙂

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